Sunday, January 20, 2013

Alternative way of sailing

    I remember lots of funny situations from my childhood and I really miss this beautiful and carefree time..I have to admit that I was very activ child. Horse riding, bike, boulding a shelter, jumping rope-those wre my favourite activities and I also loved to climb the trees…in a poit of fact I still like it;). But this story isn’t connected with none of those.I decided to discribe other crazy event wchich took place on the on the edge of the pond. I think I was about 8 years old..
    Me and my neighbor Aga were plying outside on the meadow at the end of our street. There was a little pond opsite Aga’s house. Unfortunatelly the area around the pond was littered but we loved this place anyway;). Once we came up with the idea to make a raft!Easier said than done. We spent hours on desperate attempts to build our raft. Firstlly-classic one made of wood . We were doing our best but raft was still drowning. Next we decided to use a paddling pool wchich was also a bad idea..Finally we were so tired and frustrated that we nearly gave up but I suddenly came up with crazy alternative solution. I decided to use one of the garbage bags wchich were within easy reach. They ware filled by plastic bottles so they easily floated. I took long branche as a help to keep balance on the bag and I came up on it. It’s easy to predict what happened.. After few seconds of glory I felt into the cold water. My friend was rolling on the floor with laughter and I got out of the water with a firm decision to put the brakes on the raft challenge;).
    After few years from this episode to our despair the pond was overwhelmed by a digger . Now we’re always laughing at this raft story;)

And here I presents You a few photos from my childhood;D

The case of Josh Getner

Josh Getner got fired few months ago because he started to get along and soon he got overwaight. Otherwise his wife got borred of their mairige and after six months they got divorced. He couldn’t get through this anymore so he got a taxi and he got to the airport.He got on a plane to Bali. He didn’t like flying so he got sick on board but beautiful women got him a drink and soon he got better. Josh got on with her and when they landed they got to the same hotel. When they were on the restaurant he wanted to get the reason of trip off his chest so he got straight to the point. They got drink after drink and soon it got dark.She wanted to got back to the room and she proposed to show him a view from her apartement. He got the massege clearly.He got up early  and he got a little bit confused but her smile got him out of doubts-he got the right direction. Bali got a wonderful gift for him. After few months they got married! 

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Halloween?Party time!

For me november is usually month of reflections. Long  evenings by the fire place or autumn walks are opportunities to think about life.

However weird it could sounds I also really like All Saints Day. The whole atmosphere is rather moving than sceary and it always puts me into a contemplation about my life and  time passing by..This year I visited cemetery after dark  which was a special experience because only then I could admire beautiful candle lights and I felt the uniqueness of this night.

I ’m not very much into  helloween celebrations. I’ll say taht I have a neutral attitude. Over last years I observed  high  increase  of halloween’s popularity in Poland. We’re making halloween  parties  on which everyone has to be dressed up as a ghost or witch or zombie or whatever.Some people are really crazy about it. This year I was on my friend’s birthday party wchich was organized with halloween theme. My friend was waring a dress with a skeleton and her face was covered with faked wounds and scars but they were incredibly realistic! Other guests  also had very sophisticated outfits .In such company I came out rather poor with my black cat earrings as the only halloween motive ;).Halloween also  became very popular with children. The biggest atracion for them is of course well-known play called trick or treat.

I think that all enthusiasm arround halloween is just taking an opportunity to have fun and there’s no connection to 2000 years of history of Celtic rites;)

Monday, October 22, 2012

I have a lot of experiences  connected with restaurants or caffes but this one which I’m going to write about is the most memorable  for me.
This june  I spent in France in a lovely village called Vroville.It’s situated near Nancy in a beautiful,agricultural region called Lorraine. I’m lucky because friends of my parents live in there and that’s why I can visit them during summer. It’s always a wonderful time  not to mention a great oportunity to improve my French.
Father,Jean Charles, is a farmer and he has four daughters: Claire, Juliettte,Marie and Caroline. Their mom,Anne, is the best cook in Lorraine for sure!;)Caroline is the youngest of four and she’s the craziest one as well;).
One of the coolest adventures  was a trip to Paris for one day with Caroline and her friend Julia. Before we got to the capital of France we stoped  for a while  in Compi├Ęgne-little villege near Paris.  We decided to visit a medieval, beautiful castle Pierrefonds which is the biggest atraction very close to Compi├Ęgne. After visiting  we decided to have  dinner in a nearby restaurant  at the bank of the very nice lake.
Now it’s time to mention that Caroline has been a vegetarian since she was four. She chose the salad with goat cheese  but it was usually served with chicken so she asked if it’s possible to make a „no-meat” version for her. Waitress answered that there’s no problem and after 20 minutes of waiting we got our orders with a special salad for Caroline as well. After a few bites she started to watch the souce in her salad and she discovered some little pices of chicken in it. In one moment her face turned  pale and she ran away from the table. It was clear that she was going to vomit.We were very warried about her and after a few minutes of waiting Julia decided to go for search but she couldn’t find her for one hour!Finnally Caroline came back with embarrassed smile on her face.I was outraged  with this unacceptable situation and I wanted to” kill „the cook but  Caroline didn’t want to make a scandal and she decided to pass. I was suprised and angry but that was Caroline’s desicion.
That situation showed me how different our temper and behaviour  could be in interprsonal, social situations.

Monday, October 15, 2012

During these holidays I read a fantastic book-"One flew over the cockoo’s nest".I had been trying  to read this book for a while but I couldnt find  enough time. That’s why holidays,when you have more time,is  perfect  for reading books that you realiy like.
One flew over the cockoo’s nest  it’s a story about a thug named  Randle McMurphy who is sent to psychiatric hospital instead of hard, phisical work camp. There he meets  other patients and he gets involved in interesting relations with them and he makes friendships as well. Main supervisor of the patients  called by them Big Ward Sister wilds authority in the whole hospital but her methods are far from humanitarian. After McMurphys appearance everyting’s going to change..
I really liked this book becouse it revails  serious problems and disturbing situations which take place  in psychiatric hospitals. Despite serious subject of the book it’s  filled with humor , action and funny situations which make reading enjoyable.I also saw the movie based on the book with memorable role of Jack Nicolson but if I have to compare them I find the book much better;).

Friday, May 25, 2012

  I live in a detached house not so far to the city center but in a quite calm and cauntry area.I actually don’t have any funny situations with my nighbours but despite it I could say that I  have vary unusual  neighbourhood.
  One of my neighbours has three horses. This is great situation becouse I love horse riding so I have  opportunity to ride so close to my place. Last time I made a crazy suprise to my parents- I pushed the dorrbell to my house from a horse back. When they came out we had short conversation and I went away;).
  Opposite to my house there is a big, beautiful house inhabited by chinese family. Younger daugther is a violinist and sometimes she’s playing on the balcony of their house.It’s amazing!
   At the end of the street there is a house of my friend. We know each other since we were kids. Her name is Aga. I remember many funny jokes which we’ve done together during our childhood. Once at the halloween night we dressed up and we were playing at being ghosts. We were visiting our nighbours and we were asking tchem for a sweets. When chinese gay didn’t give nothing to us we threw an egg on his driveway!That was the rule:trick or treat!;)